Connecting to Our Services

Step 1

Check with your builder that your new dwelling meets Lancelin South Water Service Supply Connection Requirements, located in Forms and Documents – Form 5, for potable, non-potable and sewerage before submitting your plans.
*In addition, please check that your new dwelling has met our “Design Guidelines” and “Building Near Services” requirements. These documents are available from the Lancelin South Pty Ltd web site.

Step 2

You will need to send the following documents to Lancelin South Water, PO BOX 60, Lancelin, WA, 6044

  • Residents Water Service Connection Application Form located in Forms and Documents – Form 6
  • 1 copy of your site plan and
  • 1 copy of your floor plans

Step 3

Lancelin South Water will assess your application to confirm:

  • Connections are available to service your dwelling
  • You have met the requirements for service supply connection
  • Your plans comply with the relevant Acts and By-Laws

Step 4

Pay your invoice

Step 5

Lancelin South Water will arrange for your services to be connected by a licenced plumber.