We read your water meters normally four (4) times per year. From these readings we prepare adetailed account of your water usage, issued to you quarterly. You must maintain your meter area clear to allow us to read your meter.

Your bill will be issued to you shorty after meter reading, if you require your bill in a different format please contact our office.

Billing Enquires

If you have an enquiry regarding your bill please:

  • Phone us on 9655 1555 and press option [2]

Available during office hours 9:00 am and 5:00 pm – Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

  • Email Please include with your enquiry in your email
  • Your name,
  • Your customer reference number, and
  • Your preferred method of response (phone or email).

Our Billing Review Procedure can be found in Forms, Documents and Publications – Form 11

Residential Prices and Charges
Residential Water Usage / Charges
Base Water Service Charge $220.00 per annum ($55 per quarter)
Water Usage Charge – Potable (drinking) $2.00 per kL water used
Water Usage Charge – Non-potable (irrigation) $1.45 per kL water used
Residential sewerage / Charges
Base sewerage Service Charge for a stand alone dwelling $890.00 per annum ($222.50 per quarter)

Need Extra Time to Pay

If you require additional time to pay your account please contact Lancelin South Water as soon as possible.

Financial Hardship

You may be considered to be in financial hardship if paying the water services portion of your water bill will affect your ability to meet your basic living needs – in short, you have the intention but not the financial capacity to pay.

Financial hardship may, for example, be caused by:

  • Loss of your or a family member’s primary income;
  • Spousal separation or divorce;
  • Domestic or family violence;
  • Loss of a spouse or loved-one;
  • Physical or mental health issues;
  • A chronically ill child;
  • Budget management issues associated with a low income; or
  • Other unforeseen factors affecting your capacity to pay.

If you think you may be in financial hardship we encourage you to phone us as soon as possible.

Our Financial Hardship Policy can be located in Forms, Documents and Publications – Form 12

Estimate Accounts

In preparation of a water service bill, if an accurate water meter reading is not possible for some reason, the bill will be prepared based on a reasonable estimate of water usage.

The estimated water usage will be based upon the daily quantity of water supplied.

  • In the previous billing period
  • In the equivalent billing period in previous year(s) whichever is the most appropriate considering relevant factors.

If a bill is based on an estimate of water usage, Lancelin South Water will advise the customer:

  • The basis of the estimate; and
  • The reason for the estimate.

The subsequent invoice will take into account any necessary adjustments having regard to a subsequent and accurate meter readings.

Additional Meter Reading

If necessary, Lancelin South Water can perform an additional meter reading and prepare a bill at a time differing from the normal billing cycle. There is a fee associated with this service that must be paid before the special reading.

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