About Us

Lancelin South Pty Ltd, trading as Lancelin South Water, is a privately owned company responsible for the supply of water (potable, non-potable) and sewerage services to the Lancelin South development.

Lancelin South Water has been delivering safe drinking water, sewerage services and non-potable water for irrigation to residents of Lancelin South since September 2017.

Our operation as a water services utility is undertaken in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Lancelin South Water holds a Water Services Licence (WL47) issued by the Economic Regulation Authority of Western Australia.

Our water service licence

Lancelin South Water’s operating area under Water Services Licence (WL47) includes the Lancelin South estate and the Lancelin South commercial site

Our operating area map

Lancelin South Water holds a Licence to Take Water (GWL176077[2]) issued by Department of Water and Environmental Regulations (DWER).

Customer Service Charter

The Customer Service Charter was developed to inform you (the resident) about the water services that you can expect. It provides a clear and concise description of the standards of service that you can expect from us, your rights as a Lancelin South Water customer and what we require from you.

  • Defines responsibilities for maintenance and service provision,
  • Outlines complaints and faults procedures,
  • Clarifies account payments, and
  • Explains resident’s rights.

Our Customer Service Charter has been prepared with reference to the Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2018 and used the conditions specified in our Water Services Licence (WL47) issued by the Economic Regulation Authority. The complete Customer Service Charter can be located in Forms, Documents and Publicaitons – Form 1.

Family Domestic Violence

At Lancelin South Water, we have zero tolerance for family violence and will do everything we can (within our control) to support customers affected by family violence. Our Family Domestic Violence Policy has been prepared in accordance with the Water Services Code of Practice (Family Violence) 2020 and has been informed by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s Guidance for water service providers in addressing family violence.


Bore Water

Bore Water, abstracted from a production bore screened within the Leederville aquifer, is the sou

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Non – Potable Water

Bore Water is pumped to the water treatment plant, located within a secured fenced compound. The bor

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Potable Water

Some of the non-potable water is further treated using granular activated carbon filtration, reverse

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Sewerage from the Lancelin South Development is collected and transferred to a small treatment plant

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Faults and Outages

Planned maintenance and known issues that may disrupt or impact your water supply are listed on our Faults and Outages page.

If you see, or are experiencing a problem, please let us know so that we can address it as quickly as possible.

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